Rumen Protected Fat

Rumen protected Fat is a natural vegetable oil derived fat powder, it is highly digestible/ rumen protected bypass fat that not only boost milk yield, but also milk fat content, improvised fertility.

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Rumen protected Fat has optimal fatty acid composition that has demonstrated to provide diary cows the added energy needed to achieve high production, maintenance of body condition through better absorption.

In dairy feed nations the content of raw fats is about 30g per kg dry matter. The capacity of fat conversion in rumen is limited, hence it is essential to ensure the fats are rumen protected as the fats can pass unchanged through the rumen, hence the effects of rumen degradation is avoided.

As the bypass fat (Rumen protected Fat) disintegrates in the post luminal digestive tract , significant improvement in milk fat contents can be seen as well as milk yields.

By adding 300g of Rumen protected Fat (palm oil fat with C16 rich triglycerides) per cow (milk breed) per day in exchange for 1 kg feed concentrate sliders have shown better daily milk yields, milk fat contents were 2g per litre higher.

In conclusion adding Rumen protected Fat will upgrade energy levels to stabilize milk yields, milk quality and positive effects on fatty acid composition and fat soluble vitamins in milk, improved fertility. Rumen protected Fat has good mixing properties and no trans fatty acids.


ADVANTAGES OF USING Rumen protected Fat

√ Enhanced milk production
√ Improved Fertility
√ Decreased incidences of ketosis and acidosis
√ Reduces heat stress related incidences.
√ High stable, hence oxidation is limited.
√ Easy mixing in feed rations.
√ Can be used as top dressing.



Fatty Acid : < 10
Iodine Value : < 15
Meeting Point : 56 O C min
Palmitic Content : 75 % min
Appearance : White Snowy Free Flowing Fat Powder
Packing : 25 kg paper bags with PE Liner