The essentail product for all beauty proffesionals has just come to your doorstep!

Do the products you have at home not compare to those in the beauty salons? Then try Waxing Paper! Since Waxing paper is made out of anti allergic woven it does not harm your skin. The well round weave of the woven sticks to the waxed area holds the hair easily and shortens time to remove the hair within one fast movement.

Apply the wax on the waxing area in the same direction of your hair growth. Smooth down the Waxing Papers on the waxed area, and peel off wax paper in the opposite direction of your hair growth with in one fast movement. To finish your waxing process smoothly clear up any residue with Wet Cleaning Wipes or Cleaning oil to moisturize.


It is that easy to have the pearl effect that lasts for up to four weeks!